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Armor Permutations are a feature in Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach that lets players customize their multiplayer character's armor to their liking. In Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, this feature allows players to change the helmet, shoulders, and chest armor pieces worn by their multiplayer character. Players also have the option of choosing between being a Spartan or Elite in Halo 2 and Halo 3.


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[edit] Halo 3 PermutationsEdit

[edit] SPARTAN Armor PermutationsEdit

There is a wide variety of SPARTAN-II armor permutations in Halo 3. There are eleven helmets, eight shoulder pieces, and eight chest pieces, for a total of 5,632 different SPARTAN-II armor permutation possibilities: one helmet, two shoulder pieces, and one chest piece per permutation, not including the Bungie Armor chest piece. It should be noted the Rogue, Mark V, and ODST armor have only helmet pieces, and Security Armor has both helmet and shoulder pieces but no chest permutation. The HAYABUSA Project includes the HAYABUSA and Katana permutations.

[edit] Sangheili Armor PermutationsEdit

There is a wide variety of Sangheili armor permutations, with five helmets, five shoulder pieces, and five chest pieces for a total of 625 different Sangheili armor permutations, with one helmet, two shoulder pieces, and one chest piece per permutation.

[edit] Unlocking PermutationsEdit

Spartan Armor Permutations
Chest Shoulder Helmet
Mark VI (Starter) (Starter) (Starter)
CQB (Starter) (Starter) (Starter)
EVA Beat Tsavo Highway (Normal) Beat The Ark (Normal) Campaign Complete: Normal
EOD Beat Tsavo Highway (Legendary) Beat The Ark (Legendary) Campaign Complete: Legendary
Hayabusa Collect 5 gold skulls Collect 9 skulls Collect all 13 skulls
Katana Earn 49 Achievements or 1000 Gamerscore N/A N/A
Bungie Bungie employees only N/A N/A
Security N/A Get 750 Gamerscore Get 1000 Gamerscore
Recon Complete all the Vidmaster Challenges of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. Complete all the Vidmaster Challenges of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. Complete all the Vidmaster Challenges of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST.
Scout Get the Achievement Too Close to the Sun Get the Achievement Mongoose Mowdown Get the Achievement Used Car Salesman
ODST N/A N/A Become a Spartan Graduate
Mark V N/A N/A Become a UNSC Spartan
Rogue N/A N/A Become a Spartan Officer
Sangheili Armor Permutations
Combat (Starter) (Starter) (Starter)
Assault (Starter) (Starter) (Starter)
Flight Beat Tsavo Highway (Heroic) Beat The Ark (Heroic) Campaign Complete: Heroic
Ascetic Get the Achievement Up Close and Personal Get the Achievement Overkill Get the Achievement Steppin' Razor
Commando Get the Achievement Triple Kill Halo 3 Auto-Updates/Steppin' Razor[1]

Get the Achievement Overkill

[edit] ODST PermutationsEdit

Choosing not to wear a helmet will not affect gameplay.Added by JugusHalo 3: ODST features armor customization, though it is not as complex as Halo 3's. One can play as each member of the squad having their own unique aesthetic Bungie-created armor. Players can choose primary and secondary armor colors, but the armor's main color remains the same (dark gray). Players can also choose whether or not to wear a helmet, unless they are playing as the Rookie or Sergeant Johnson, who cannot remove his helmet and cannot put one on, respectively. Choosing not to wear a helmet does not affect gameplay. Without a helmet, the player still has the same health and stamina, and they can still use VISR mode.

[edit] CharactersEdit

  • Rookie: Unlocked by default.
  • Dare: Complete the Campaign on Legendary.
  • Buck: Unlock the Tayari Plaza Achievement.
  • Dutch: Unlock the Uplift Reserve Achievement.
  • Romeo: Unlock the NMPD HQ Achievement.
  • Mickey: Unlock the Kizingo Boulevard Achievement.
  • Sergeant Johnson: Came with the pre-order of Halo 3: ODST.

[edit] The Armory (Halo: Reach Permutations)Edit

The Armory now allows players to customize their Spartans in a much broader manner, including Knee Guards, Gender, Visor Colors, Armor Effect, Utility, Wrist, and Firefight Voice.Added by General5 7Player customization returns in Halo: Reach, but with far deeper customization options than Halo 3. In Halo 3, unlocking armor permutations involved getting a certain Achievement, or a group of achievements. In Halo: Reach, armor is acquired by purchasing it with "credits" (cR) in The Armory', although some armor permutations may have to be unlocked through Halo: Reachs Achievements, previous purchases, or by reaching a certain rank. Credits are won by winning or finishing games in Campaign, Matchmaking, Firefight, and Forge, or by completing Achievements, getting Commendations, or completing daily and weekly challenges.

In Halo: Reach, there are ten available slots for Spartan armor customization. The ten available slots customizable to Spartans feature the Helmet, Left and Right Shoulder, and the Chest piece, returning from Halo 3. The new slots for customization include Wrist, Utility, Visor Color, Knee Guards, Armor Effect, and Firefight Voice. In addition, the player's helmet can be "upgraded" with various gadgets, known as Helmet Variants. The player will also be able to choose their character's gender, but unlike Halo 3, the Spartan's gender will also be reflected in their body type, instead of just their voice. Additionally, the player's character will also appear in Campaign mode, as Noble Six.[2]

In Halo: Reach, players will no longer be able to use Elites as their default player model in Matchmaking, likely for balancing reasons. Instead, Elites will be used in Matchmaking for the new Spartan-vs-Elite gametypes, and will still be able to use Elites in Custom Games, through a "Preferred Species" setting. Elite armor customization in Halo: Reach has been downgraded from Halo 3 to a complete model swap. Elite armor does not cost additional cR, but instead requires the player to reach a certain rank for certain armor; for example, to obtain the armor of an Ultra Elite, the player must reach the rank of Warrant Officer.[3]

Additionally, the Limited and Legendary Editions of Reach include exclusive armor permutations/effects for your player character. The Limited Edition comes with the "Sangheili Officer" Elite permutation, while the Legendary Edition includes the aforementioned permutation, along with a Spartan "Flaming Head" effect. A redeemable token that gives the player access to the Recon Helmet is bundled with the game to all sales made on the release date, and with all pre-orders outside of North America. However, if the player is equipped with the exclusive flaming helmet effect, the flames will be visible during gameplay but will not be shown in cinematics.[4] As with Halo 3, every armor permutation in Halo: Reach is purely for aesthetic purposes and will not impact gameplay whatsoever.

The last two sets of helmets for Halo: REACH are available through Halo Waypoint only. Using Waypoint will show you how to unlock said armour pieces, which each have a base and two additional styles. The unlocks are linked to overall Halo Career Milestones (linked to universal Halo Gamerscore) and specialist acheivements throughout the Halo game. For example: the Military Police helmet requires the user to have completed Halo: REACH on Normal Difficulty, Stage two of the helmet requires the user to have the A Spoonful of Blamite achievements and Halo 3 Fear the Pink Mist achievement (accompanied by the right Career Milestone award and the base helmet variant).

[edit] SPARTANEdit

Spartan Armor Permutations
Helmet Helmet Variants Shoulder Chest Wrist Utility Knee Guards
Mark V[B] (Starter)
  • UA - 750 cR
  • UA/HUL - 1,500 cR
(Starter) (Starter) (Starter) (Starter) (Starter)
CQC (Starter)
  • CBRN - 750 cR
  • UA/HUL - 1,500 cR
20,000 cR - - - -
ODST 2,000 cR
  • UA/CNM - 1,000 cR
  • CBRN/HUL - 500 cR
Captain, 25,000 cR Warrant Officer, 750 cR - - -
HAZOP 7,000 cR
  • CBRN/HUL - 2,000 cR
  • CNM-I - 1,000 cR
500 cR - - - -
EOD Sergeant, 15,000 cR
  • CNM - 5000 cR
  • UA/HUL - 3000 cR
- - - - -
OPERATOR Sergeant, 7,000 cR
  • UA/HUL - 2,000 cR
  • CNM - 1,000 cR
28,000 cR - - - -
GRENADIER Warrant Officer, 25,000 cR
  • UA - 5,000 cR
  • UA/FC - 2,000 cR
65,000 cR - - Lt. Colonel, 45,000 cR
AIR ASSAULT Warrant Officer, 15,000 cR
  • UA/CNM - 7,500 cR
  • FC-I - 5,000 cR
- - - - -
SCOUT Captain, 40,000 cR
  • HU/RS - 5,000 cR
  • CBRN/CNM - 5,000 cR
- - - - -
EVA Major, 30,000 cR
  • CNM - 7,000 cR
  • UA/HUL[3] - 15,000 cR
3,000 cR - - - -
JFO Lt. Colonel, 60,000 cR
  • HUL-I - 20,000 cR
  • UA - 10,000 cR
1,000 cR - - - -
COMMANDO 85,000 cR
  • CBRN/CNM - 40,000 cR
  • UA/FC-I[2] - 40,000 cR
40,000 cR - - - -
EVA [C] Unknown
  • CNM - Unknown
  • UA/HUL[3] - Unknown
- - - - -
MJOLNIR Mk. V Lt. Colonel, 130,000 cR
  • CNM - 10,000 cR
  • UA - 15,000 cT
80,000 cR - - - -
PILOT 90,000 cR
  • HUL[3] - 25,000 cR
  • UA/HUL[3] - 55,000 cR
  • Haunted - 1 cR
- - - - -
RECON Pre-Order and

Release Day Only

  • HUL - 75,000
1,500 cR - - - -
MJOLNIR Mk. VI 300,000 cR
  • FC-I[2] - 75,000 cR
  • UA/HUL-I - 75,000 cR
- - - - -
GUNGNIR Lt. Colonel, 250,000 cR
  • HU/RS - 125,000 cR
  • CBRN - 400,000 cR
8,000 cR - - - Captain, 25,000 cR
SECURITY 250,000 cR
  • UA/HUL - 200,000 cR
  • CBRN/CNM - 200,000 cR
  • Left - 70,000 cR
  • Right - 275,000 cR
- - - -
  • CBRN/HU/RS - 0 cR
  • HU/RS/CNM - 0 cR
- - - - -
CQB Downloaded Free From Halo Waypoint
  • HU/RS/CNM - 0 cR
  • UA/HUL - 0 cR
- - - - -
FJ/PARA - - 250 cR - - - 10,000 cR
UA - -
  • MULTI-THREAT - 2,000 cR
  • BASE SECURITY - 12,000 cR
  • MULTI-THREAT [W] - GameStop Pre-Order Only
  • ODST - Warrant Officer, 750 cR
  • BASE SECURITY [W] - 0 cR
  • BUCKLER - 5,000 cR
  • BRACER - 10,000 cR
  • CHOBHAM - 30,000 cR
  • NxRA - Major, TACTICAL/HARD CASE, 40,000 cR
JUMP JET - - 5,000 cR - - - -
SNIPER - - 80,000 cR - - - -
HP - - -
  • HALO - 600 cR
  • PARAFOIL - 8,000 cR
- - -
  • LRP - 1,000 cR
  • RECON - Warrant Officer, 1,500 cR
  • PATROL - 4,000 cR
  • TACPAD - Major, 50,000 cR
  • UGPS - 80,000 cR
  • HARD CASE - Captain, 40,000 cR
  • TRAUMA KIT - 60,000 cR
  • SOFT CASE - Unknown
COLLAR - - -
  • GRENADIER - Captain, 4,000 cR
  • BREACHER - 8,000 cR
  • GRENADIER [UA] - Unknown
- - -
  • SAPPER - 14,000 cR
  • COMMANDO - 12,000 cR
  • SAPPER [R] - 250,000 cR
  • BREACHER - 200,000 cR
- -

[edit] Other SPARTAN AttachmentsEdit

Visor Color
Color Cost
Silver Sergeant, 35,000 cR
Blue Warrant Officer, 50,000 cR
Black Lt. Colonel, 100,000 cR
Gold Colonel, 250,000 cR
Armor Effect
Effect Cost
Birthday Party 200,000 cR
Legendary (Flaming Helmet) 0 cR
Heart Attack 300,000 cR
Pestilence 1,000,000 cR
Inclement Weather 2,000,000 cR
Firefight Voice
Voice Cost
Noble Six (Starter)
Jorge-052 10,000 cR
Jun-A266 10,000 cR
Emile-A239 10,000 cR
Catherine-B320 10,000 cR
Auntie Dot 15,000 cR
Carter-A259 100,000 cR
Pete Stacker 5,000 cR
Edward Buck 15,000 cR
Avery Johnson 100,000 cR
Cortana 100,000 cR
John-117 150,000 cR


[edit] SangheiliEdit

Sangheili Armor Permutations
Armor Rank
Minor (Starter)
Officer Limited and Legendary

editions only

Spec Ops Corporal
Ranger Sergeant
Ultra Warrant Officer
Zealot Captain
General Colonel
Field Marshall

Lt. Colonel

[edit] TriviaEdit

  • There was originally going to be an Arbiter Armor Permutation in Halo 3, but it was taken out before the game's release. Bungie, however, did not explain why. Many fans expected it to be released as DLC, but due to the nature of the game that would be impossible.
  • In Halo 3, the neck of an Elite (regardless what Armor Permutation used) is completely immune to any form of damage except for a shot from a charged Plasma Pistol. In addition, the projectile will simply pass through the neck, as though the neck wasn't there, without a blood spatter. This is because both Elites and Spartans share the same hitbox (where you can hit the character), but have different models.
  • Each Elite also has a modified neck, either sleek black or a different model such as scale-like plating at the back of the neck.
  • The armor in Halo 3 was originally planned to be more detailed, with dents and other details in the armor, but this detail was never implemented.
  • Some exclusive Spartan armor permutations for Halo: Reach are available on Halo Waypoint by earning achievements.

[edit] GalleryEdit

[edit] SpartansEdit

All of the Spartan Permutations in Halo 3. Note: If a part of the armor set doesn't exist, it has been substituted with its Mark VI counterpart. Three conceptual armor sets from The Art of Halo 3. Hayabusa in Halo 3 Recon in Halo 3 Rogue in Halo 3 Scout in Halo 3 Security in Halo 3 CQB in Halo 3 EOD in Halo 3 EVA in Halo 3 ODST in Halo 3 Mark V in Halo 3 Mark V helmet with the UA attachment in Halo: Reach The exclusive "flaming helmet" Spartan armor effect included in the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition, much like the Bungie armor from Halo 3. The Recon helmet, available to all who purchase Reach on launch date in North America and pre-order in other countries. UA Multi Threat MJOLNIR Mk. V[B] Armor available exclusively for those who pre-order Halo: Reach at a Gamestop location or FJ Para Shoulders as they appear in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta. CQB in Halo: Reach CQC in Halo: Reach EVA in Halo: Reach Millitary Police in Halo: Reach EOD in Halo: Reach Mark Vl in Halo: Reach Grenadier in Halo: Reach ODST in Halo: Reach The AA in Halo: Reach The Operator helmet in Halo: Reach Armor permutation customization in the Halo: Reach beta. Initial Halo: Reach Armor Options All Known Halo: Reach Helmet Variants An image showing every armor permutation available in Halo: Reach Add a photo to this galleryAdd a photo to this gallery===[edit] Sangheili===

All of the Elite armor permutations in Halo 3. Ascetic in Halo 3 Assault in Halo 3 Combat in Halo 3 Commando in Halo 3 Flight in Halo 3 This is a "Glitched" armor from Floodgate, It resembles the Sangheili Ultra armor of Halo: Reach, Minus the spikes. Ultra in Halo: Reach Spec-Ops in Halo: Reach General in Halo: Reach Field Marshall in Halo: Reach Zealot in Halo: Reach Ranger in Halo: Reach The exclusive Sangheili Officer armor included in the Limited and Legendary Editions of Halo: Reach. Sangheili Officer Add a photo to this galleryAdd a photo to this gallery==[edit] Sources==

  1. "The longstanding “Elite Commando Shoulders aren’t unlocking with the achievement” bug is being resolved in the auto update. The shoulders weren’t unlocking when the Steppin’ Razor achievement was acquired. In the post-auto update era, the Commando Shoulders will be unlocked for everyone, regardless of the status of the corresponding achievement."
  2. Bungie Weekly Update 06.18.10
  3. Bungie Weekly Update: 6/11/10
  4. Bungie Weekly Update: 6/4/2010
  5. YouTube - Halo Reach All Armor Customizations SPARTAN
  6. YouTube - Halo Reach :: The Armory 100% Unlocked :: Every Customization Exposed.

[edit] External linksEdit

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